Annan ennada thambi ennada


aNNan ennada thambi ennada
avasaramaana ulagathilE
aasai koLvadhil artham ennada
kaasillaathavan kudumbathilE

thaayum piLLaiyum aanabothilum
vaayum vayaRum vERada
sandhai kootathil vandha mandhaiyil
sondham enbadhum eAthadaa(2)

…….aNNan ennada……….

pettai kOzhikku kattusEvalai
katti vaithavan yaaradaa
avai ettu kunjjugaL petheduthathum
sORu pOttavan yaaradaa(2)

……aNNan ennada………

vaLarndha kunjjugaL pirindha pOdhilum
varundhavillaiyE thaayada
manidha jaathiyil thuyaram yaavumE
manadhinaal vandha nOyadaa(2)

……aNNan ennada……..

vaazhum naaLilE kootam kootamAi
vandhu sErgiRaar paarada
kai vaRaNNda veetilE udaindha paanaiyai
madhithu vandhavar yaaradaa(2)

……aNNan ennada……….

paNathin meedhu thaan bakthi entRapin
bandha paasangaL eAnadaa
padhaikkum nenjinai aNaikkum yaavarum
aNNan thambigaL thaanadaa(2)

…..aNNan ennada……..

3 Responses to “Annan ennada thambi ennada”

  1. Tehya Kiche Says:

    english translation / meaning of words please

    • Anonymous Says:


    • Anonymous Says:

      1 st
      annan ennada thambi ennada
      avasaramaana ulagathile
      aasai kolvadhil artham ennada
      kaasillaathavan kudumbathilae

      what is the purpose of brotherhood? (a blood relation such as an elder/younger brother),
      in this frenetic world (that does not have time to care about relationships),
      what is the meaning of having desires/dreams,
      if you are from a family without riches.


      pettai kozhikku kattusevalai
      katti vaithavan yaaradaa
      aval ettu kunjjugal petheduthathum
      soru pottavan yaaradaa
      soru pottavan yaaradaa

      Who got the hen and the rooster
      to marry each other?
      and when she gave birth to 8 chicks,
      who was the one that fed them?
      who was the one that fed them?

      valarndha kunjjugal pirindha podhilum
      varundhavillaiye thaayada
      manidha jaathiyil thuyaram yaavumae
      manadhinaal vandha noyadaa
      manadhinaal vandha noyadaa

      After the chicks grew, they separated (went their own ways),
      the mother did not repent,
      In the human race, all the worries
      are due to the heart (because of the emotional attachment)
      It is all a disease caused by the heart

      vaazhum naalilae kootam kootamaai
      vandhu saergiraar paarada
      kai varannda veetilae udaindha paanaiyai
      madhithu vandhavar yaaradaa
      madhithu vandhavar yaaradaa

      When one lives (affluently),
      large groups of people flock around him,
      but in the house where the riches have dried out,
      who will value the person whose only possession is a broken pot?
      who will value the person whose only possession is a broken pot

      panathin meedhu thaan bhakthi endrapin
      bandha paasamae aenadaa
      padhaikkum nenjinai anaikkum yaavarum
      annan thambigal thaanadaa
      annan thambigal thaanadaa

      once you have decided to be devoted to (give priority to) the money,
      what is the need for relationships?
      To the distressed heart, whoever embraces it to pacify,
      are the true brothers
      are the true brothers

      nice song………………

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